Our Story

Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts
Circa February 2016

We are lucky to be here - no two ways about it. I’d like to believe that we have control over how our choices and our lives pan out, but I know that luck has more than an outsized impact on our lives than we think it does. It certainly has been so in this case.

glass The time and place happened to be Somerville, MA from 2014 through early 2016. Living alone and in need of a hobby, I found a calling with everything food and drink. Weekends were spent frequenting bars and restaurants in and around Boston, Cambridge & Somerville. As luck would have it, I started trying the ciders on tap and fell in love with them. One of the very first Ciders I fell in love with was the one that gave birth to everything you see here today. That cider was Bantam’s Wunderkind.

If I could pinpoint one decision that changed my life, it’d be the one where
I left a hand-written note asking Dana and Michelle at Bantam Cider whether they’d be interested in helping me bring ciders to India. It’s that singular act and then their eventual acceptance upon my convincing that has led us here. After convincing Bantam of the opportunity that I saw for a stellar product and the opportunity to create a category from scratch, I left Somerville and moved to India in 2016. written

Why We Exist

We are here today because we love ciders. And we’d like to share them with you. Founded on the ethos that anything worth doing is worth doing well, our only litmus test for the products we make is whether we’d be proud of sharing them with our closest friends and family, and confident that they'd enjoy them.

What We Make

Just really tasty cider so far
But there’s always an opportunity to expand into other categories in the future. Our first set of products is a line of Apple Ciders handcrafted using single-origin American apples and custom botanicals sourced from family-owned farms.
Slowly fermented in small batches using traditional fermentation methods and ageing techniques.
Curiously named Thirsty Fox, our ciders are evocative of all things joyous.

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Our Partners

Bantam Cider is a small craft cidery run by Dana Masterpolo and Michelle da Silva. Dana runs operations while Michelle who comes from a winemaking background, is the chief cider maker. Based out of Union Square in Somerville, MA, Bantam has been making cider since 2012. We are lucky to have Dana and Michelle as our technical partners and they help us develop our cider recipes.


Dr Binod K<br>Maitin

Dr Binod K
Chief Technical Officer

Santosh <br>Nijai

Chief Cider Maker

Nikhil <br>Nandkumar

Founding Team Member

Chetan <br>Sharda


Seema <br>Kurian

Founding Team Member

Samiksha <br>Pednekar

Accounts Executive

Dana <br>Masterpolo

Co-founder and CEO of Bantam Cider Company

Sid <br>Sheth

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Sriram <br>Dharmarajan

Project Manager

Akash <br>Sahu

Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle <br>da Silva

da Silva
Co-founder and Head Cider Maker at Bantam Cider Company

Join Us

Just like the ingredients in our products are handpicked for their unique characteristics, so too are the individuals who we choose to partner with. We value diversity and are always looking for people who bring rich experience, curiosity and passion to our table.